Kristina Mikek, MD, MSc, Specialist in Ophthalmology

  1. Professional experience

    10 years

  2. Specialist in the following fields

    Refractive surgery and cataract surgery

  3. Average number of surgeries per year


</em> Kristina Mikek, <em>MD, MSc, Specialist in Ophthalmology</em>


  • 2013 Professional training in Femto laser cataract surgery, Center for Eyesight, London, England
  • 2009 Professional training in the SBK surgery procedure, Orasis Eye Clinic, Athens, Greece
  • 2004 Professional training in multifocal lenses, University Eye Clinic, Regensburg, Germany
  • 2003 Professional training in the LASIK surgery procedure, University of Crete, Greece
  • 2002 Master of Science Degree in corneal transplantation
  • 2002 Professional training in refractive surgery, University Eye Clinic Padova, Italy
  • 2002 Professional training in refractive surgery, University Eye Clinic Antwerp, Belgium
  • 2001 Professional training in cataract surgery, Moorfields Eye Hospital London, England
  • 1999 Specialization in Ophthalmology, Eye Clinic Ljubljana
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  • 10th International congress of corneal cross-linking, Zurich
    December 2014

    I participated at the 10th annual professional meeting in corneal keratoconus treatment in Zurich, as every year. The innovation of the immediate treatment of the illness after it is diagnosed in young or elderly patients was presented. It is performed with the CXL method which is used in our center for a long time with positive experiences.

  • 10th Congress of Slovenian Ophthalmologic Society, Maribor
    October 2014

    On the 10th Congress of Slovenian Ophthalmologic Society, which is organized by the Slovenian Society of Ophthalmology every second year, we presented together with Slovenian and foreign colleagues the latest innovations in the field of ambulatory treatment and surgery. On the congress I lectured about laser refractive error correction with the method LASIK - SBK.

  • 32nd Congress of the ESCRS, London, September 2014
    September 2014

    The largest annual European meeting of specialists of refractive and cataract surgery took place in London this year. I participated as a lecturer and conducted several workshops and lectures at the 5-day meeting, including on what has become the traditional workshop on keratoconus treatment with the CXL – Crosslinking procedure. A number of studies that prove the long-term effectiveness and safety of refractive surgery procedures were also presented at the Congress.

  • 11th International ICL Experts Symposium, September 2014
    September 2014

    I was the only representative from Slovenia to participate in this professional consultation of eye surgeons who perform surgeries for high dioptre treatment with the insertion of an intraocular contact lens. Alongside interesting lectures, we discussed innovations in this field and learned about different experiences and results from our colleagues. Staar surgical intraocular lenses, which have successfully been used in our centre for a number of years, remain the most reliable choice for the treatment of high degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism in young people. In taking into consideration their limitations and with a careful preoperative examination, this represents a very safe and successful long-term dioptre treatment.

  • 18th Winter ESCRS, Ljubljana, February 2014
    February 2014

    At this Congress, it was my great pleasure to lead a symposium on the femto laser together with the President of the ESCRS, Dr. Roberto Bellucci. As I do each year, I led a course on basic surgery suture techniques with a colleague from Switzerland. During optional lectures, I also presented the results of our keratoconus treatment using the cross-linking method.


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