Urša Pečjak, MD, Specialist of Ophthalmology

  1. Professional experience

    2 years

  2. Specialist in the following fields

    General ophthalmology
    Pediatric ophthalmology

Urša Pečjak, <em>MD, Specialist of Ophthalmology</em>
  • Ješe's Days, April 2014
    April 2014

    In association with rheumatologists, pulmonologists and pediatricians, Slovenian ophthalmologists prepared a great training about uveitis during Ješe's Days. A number of interesting clinical cases were presented.

  • 18th ESCRS Winter Meeting Ljubljana, February 2014
    February 2014

    This winter season, Ljubljana hosted the European Congress dedicated to cataract and refractive surgery. I was most attracted to lectures dedicated to corneal diseases and corneal surgery. The Slovenian Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons organized interesting live streamings of surgeries.

  • Advanced Retinal Teaching Conference Vienna, November 2013
    November 2013

    Leading experts in the field of treating retinal diseases presented the latest European trends for treating macular degeneration and managing patients with diabetic retinopathy. These two eye diseases today represent one of the major causes of blindness.

  • 5th Allergan International Ophthalmology Forum in Aktuelno u Oftalmologiji 2014 Beograd, March 2013
    March 2013

    Several very different subjects were presented. Cystoid macular edema treatment, the use of Ozurdex in clinical practice and innovations in treating glaucoma using medications that are free of preservatives. Dr. Kostas Bobonidis's lecture on innovations in relation to diagnostics and the treatment of dry eye was very informative.


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