Blepharitis is a disease that affects the eyelids. It is caused by different reasons. One of these is a blockage of the eyelid's oil glands due to which chronic inflammation occurs. Other frequent causes of blepharitis are irregular structure of tear film, lack of tears, allergies, scars or chemical injuries with acid or alkali.

Uncomfortable sensations in the eye

Patients with blepharitis say they have a burning or gritty sensation in their eyes or that their eyes feel though they were burning. Eyes are sometimes red or there is a feeling of there being a foreign object in the eye when moving the eyeballs. Both eyes are usually affected.


The treatment of blepharitis is primarily directed towards eliminating the causes that led to the condition. The disease is often long-term and chronic. The main therapy is to clean the edges of the eyelids with cotton swabs using previously boiled water, diluted baby shampoo or special preparations for eyelid cleansing (Lid Care). In case of dry eye, tear substitutes, preferably without preservatives, are prescribed.

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