Other eye allergies

Eye allergies are very common. We can be allergic to chemical substances, medications or different types of grass and trees in different seasons.

Typically red eyes

Eye allergies can affect the exterior parts of the eye, including the skin and eyelids as well as the inner surface of the eye, or the conjunctiva. Patients who suffer from an allergy typically have red eyes, watery eyes and characteristic small bumps form inside the eyelids (follicles).

We first try to find the cause

Skin that is affected by an allergy is thin, red and dry and flaky patches may develop. When treating allergies, we first try to find the cause of the allergy. In acute phases, we relieve symptoms using corticosteroids and local or oral anti-allergy medications, depending on the severity of the condition. The dose of medication is gradually reduced. Some patients must take anti-allergy medications for a longer period of time, particularly during seasons of blooming of different types of grasses or trees to which they are hypersensitive.

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