General terms of use

With the website Morela accessible on and managed by the company MORELA OKULISTI, d.o.o., Tehnološki park 21, 1000 Ljubljana, registration number 1518224000, tax code: SI63812070, offers also services of e-commerce (hereinafter also Morela).

General terms of use describe the function of the website Morela, determine the rights and responsibilities of the user of contents and services of the website, and regulations between the company Morela Ophthalmologists and the user. The user of the website Morela is obligated to respect the general terms of use, which are published and accessible to all visitors and users of the website.

Description of website content
Morela The website of the company Morela ophthalmologists offers the following contents and functionalities:

  • Information about medical services managed by the company, general information about making appointments and access to services, prices of services and contact details.
  • Educational content connected with eye health for information only. They are aimed at those who are treated for eye problems and would like to inform themselves better about their condition, and at those who are looking for more information about the chances for refractive error correction and vision improvement.
  • The informative test designed for a general evaluation of suitability of an individual for one of the surgeries for refractive error correction.
  • The exchange of opinions and experiences between patients with the ability of posting your own opinion and rating of the service and sharing posts on social media.
  • The possibility of registering for e-news and ordering the free magazine Vid&Gib whose coeditor is Morela ophthalmologists.
  • Every three months, the possibility of inclusion in the program of selection of an individual who needs laser refractive error correction. According to its socially oriented and responsible politics, the company Morela ophthalmologists helps the individuals on their way to a better vision. Terms and conditions for participation in the program of applying for a free refractive error correction are defined in a special legal notice. Every candidate is acquainted with the notice in the process of application for free refractive error correction.
  • E-services, which include the possibility of booking appointments for examinations and surgeries online, access to medical documentation, and online payments of services. A common term used for these services on the website is "my office". For the use of these services, prior registration is required. Legal terms for the use of these services re defined in a special legal notice. Every user is acquainted with the notice in the process of registration.

Types of users
A visitor of the website Morela who is viewing the content of the pages and did not register has the status of a guest. With this status the guest can view all of the informative content on the website, orders the magazine Vid&Gib, subscribe to receive e-news, and undergoes the informative test to evaluate the suitability for one of the surgeries for refractive error correction.

The use of services "my office", which includes all e-services of the website, posting the opinion, rating the service, and inclusion in the program of selection of an individual for free laser refractive error correction, require registration. This can be performed trough the website. In the registration process, the visitor of the website writes his/her name, surname, date of birth, and e-mail address. After filling out the form with personal data, the visitor has to confirm the notice of registration sent by e-mail, and the visitor gains the status of the registered user. Before registration the user must agree with the terms of use for registered users. Registration is possible also during the procedure of ordering services. Registered user accesses the area "my office" with the user name which is the same as the user's e-mail address and with a chosen password. The user's responsibility is a careful protection of the access data (user name and password). To ensure major safety and diminish the chances of abuse it is recommendable to change the password from time to time. This can be made in "my office" in the user's profile, It is very important for personal data protection that the user of the website Morela at the end of the session logs off or closes the browser window. The possibility of saving the password to access the web browser is, because of personal data protection, also not recommended.

Personal data protection
The company Morela commits to a continuous personal data protection according to the law on protection of personal data: Zakonom o varovanju osebnih podatkov - ZVOP-1.

Trough the website Morela, personal data of users who register for the use of services in "my office", and of users who apply to receive e-news or the magazine Vid&Gib, is collected. The stated databases are reported to the Office of Information Commissioner and are managed according to ZVOP-1. All personal data of the users of the website are used only for the purpose they were collected. Personal data of an individual can be, on the user's will, erased from the database of the registered users, e-news receivers or receivers of the magazine Vid&Gib. The registered user of the website has the possibility to withdraw the registration and to delete the user's profile on the website Morela. Medical data and the data regarding medical examinations of the registered users who visited and benefited the services of Morela ophthalmologists, also in case of registration withdrawal on the website and user profile delete on the website, they remain permanently saved in the health information system in the electronic record of the individual, managed by the company Morela ophthalmologists. These data is saved according to the Healthcare Databases Act, the database is reported to the Office of Information Commissioner and is managed separately from databases accumulated trough the website Morela.

According to a prior notice of the user according to the article 157 of the Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 109/12 and the next) the manager reserves the right to save information on the user's computer, tablet or mobile phone in the form of cookie or a similar folder which adapts the website to the users' wishes and enables user-friendly online services. Data saving is under complete control of the browser the user is using. The user can limit or disable the use of cookies.

Responsibility limitation
The company Morela ophthalmologists aims to ensure the most accurate, reliable, comprehensible, and qualitative information on its website. All published contents are only of informative nature and do not impose any obligations between users and the manager of the Morela website. The company Morela ophthalmologists does not assume any responsibility for data accuracy and possible mistakes in published contents. Contents on the website Morela are not designed for self-diagnosis or eye problems treatment. The main purpose of the contents is to inform the public with services performed by the company Morela ophthalmologists, education and to raise their awareness about eye health, simplify the process of booking appointments and to facilitate the communication of interested individuals with the company Morela ophthalmologists.

The user follows published medical advice and recommendations on his/her own responsibility. In case of mistakes in text or when a user of the website does not understand correctly the content, the company Morela ophthalmologists can not bear any criminal or civil responsibility, if an individual treated or diagnosed him-/herself wrongly. Advice written on Morela eye center website are not part of the process of treatment and services provided by the company Morela ophtalmologists.

The website Morela offers an informative test. With the help of this test an individual can, on the basis of answers to seven questions, learn if he/she is a good candidate for one of the laser refractive error correction surgeries. The results of this test are of informative nature and do not form the basis for an actual consultation about the possible performance of the treatment at the doctor during the visit at the Morela ophthalmologists office. The company Morela ophthalmologists does not bear responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the informative test results. Test results must not be used in the actual decision for the suggested surgical treatment.

Complaints and disagreements
The company Morela ophthalmologists aims to perform all medical services in accordance with the rules of the medical profession and applicable laws. According to these guidances, the company strives to assure an efficient system of complaint management.

Users of the website Morela can in case of problems or complaints lodge a complaint by telephone during working time on the telephone number +386 1 510 23 40 or by sending an e-mail at Complaints are lodged by e-mail address The process of complaint handling is confidential. Time limit for the submission of complaints is 30 days after the provided service.

The company Morela ophthalmologists aims to resolve all possible disputes with mutual agreement. The company is aware of the importance to resolve problems with mediation or any other form of alternative problem solving. For this reason, the company Morela strives to resolve disagreements with interference of an external expert who helps the clients to find an amicable solution.

Regardless of the stated, to every patient who makes use of our health services in the office Morela ophthalmologists have all the rights according to the Patient Rights Act.

Terms of use are valid from the day they were published on the website. We reserve ourselves the right to change the conditions of use without any prior notice to users.


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