Cataract surgery

Will I be able to see immediately after surgery?

Due to dilating the pupils and the strong microscopic light that shines on the eye during surgery, vision is somewhat blurred immediately afterwards. Patients who do not suffer from degenerative alterations on the eye fundus and who have no complications during surgery can already see clearly on the day after surgery.

How long is the intraocular lens life?

Lenses that are implanted into the eye during cataract surgery are designed to remain unaltered for your entire life.


What do I gain if I decide in favour of surgery with multifocal lens insertion?

If you opt for monofocal lenses, you will still need reading glasses after surgery. If you choose multifocal lenses, your near and far visual acuity will be perfect, so that you will no longer require an extra pair of glasses. This will also save you money from not having to purchase corrective glasses.


Is a laser also used during cataract surgery?

A laser is used if the posterior capsule membrane becomes opaque several months after the insertion of the artificial intraocular lens, a condition that causes visual acuity to worsen again. In these patients, the opaque membrane is corrected using a laser to improve visual acuity again.


I use contact lenses. Can I wear them on the day of surgery?

No. Contact lenses can influence on some measurements that must be performed prior to surgery, so it is important that you do not wear soft contact lenses at least one week before surgery or hard contact lenses at least two weeks before surgery.


I regularly take blood thinners and some other medications. Should I also take them on the day of surgery?

Yes. On the day of surgery, you should take all of the medications that you regularly take.


Do I have to be accompanied by someone to the examination and to the surgery?

Because it is necessary to dilate the pupil both during the pre-operative examination and during surgery, the vision of the treated eye will remain a little worse for some time. During this period of time, you cannot drive, which means it is recommendable for you to be accompanied by someone.



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