Corneal Keratoconus Treatment


    more than 200

  2. % of surgery success

    97 %

  3. % of visual acuity improvement after surgery

    24 %



Fewer complications after surgery

The main purpose of keratoconus treatment with cross-linking is to stop the progression of the disease and to maintain visual acuity. The high level of patient satisfaction proves that we exceed these purposes. Many patients already in the first months after surgery describe a major improvement in their well-being with less headaches, less problems with dry eyes, the light does not bother them as it did before surgery. In later period in many patients there is a gradual improvement of visual acuity.

Satisfaction with surgery

Changes in visual acuity 5 years after surgery

Long-term stability of treatment results

Visual acuity improvement after treatment is gradual and occurs especially in those who were treated because of initial forms of keratoconus. Our results prove that keratoconus treatment with cross-linking in 97 % of patients stops the progression of the disease on long term and in this way protects the cornea. With this treatment, an improvement of visual acuity is achieved in more than 80 % of patients. These results show how important it is for maintaining the vision to start with the treatment in the most early possible phase of the disease.

The disease occurs especially in young adults

Corneal keratoconus is a condition that most frequently occurs on patients between 20 and 40 years of age. Most frequently, the first sign are changes in the dioptre value. Later it can occur that vision can no longer be adequately corrected with eyeglasses. The doctrine of corneal keratoconus treatment completely changed in the past years with the confirmation of permanent success of such treatment. Modern guidelines dictate to perform the treatment in the earlier possible phase of the disease, especially in young people. This type of approach ensures the preservation of vision and stops the progression of the condition.

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The number of patients who underwent surgery according to age



Includes surgery, all needed medications and follow-up visit.
Possibility of payment in installments. With no waiting periods.

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