Refractive vision correction laser surgery

Imagine opening your eyes and seeing. Imagine not having to catch your glasses every time your head moves a little too sharply or searching for the eyeglass cleaning cloth to wipe away the sweat from your lenses in the middle of an intense sports activity. With completely painless surgery, we can create near perfect vision and make independence from lenses and glasses a reality – in just 15 minutes.

Basic criteria for refractive vision correction laser surgery

If you are 20-40 years old, have healthy eyes and your nearsightedness does not exceed -8 or your farsightedness over +4 in dioptre, notwithstanding the degree of astigmatism, there is a high probability that you are a good candidate for permanent refractive vision correction laser surgery. In the case of very high dioptres (nearsightedness over -8 or farsightedness over +4) and in the case of presbyopia, other surgeries for improving visual acuity are more suitable. These surgeries primarily involve intraocular lens implantation.

More about patient experiences
  • Martina
    Martina, 25 years

    After two years of deciding, I finally gathered enough courage to undergo refractive laser surgery. I read forums and decided to go with Morela Ophthalmologists. I was very satisfied with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff during all examinations and also during surgery. I was very scared before the surgery, but it’s not as bad as it first seems. The surgery doesn’t last long and isn’t painful. After surgery, I had quite a lot of pain for a few hours, but the pain disappeared on the next day. My eyesight was already very sharp immediately after surgery. I can’t describe the feeling…it’s like being born again.

  • Anja
    Anja, 30 years

    Thank you very much for the support before, during and after surgery. I feel like I’ve been reborn and will gladly recommend you to others, since I was very satisfied. Thank you once again!

  • Tom
    Tom, 32 years

    My vision is finally sharp day and night - from up close and from a distance. My vision is stable and it continued to improve after surgery (regeneration). I especially enjoy being at great heights, while flying. Infinite thanks MO!

  • Simona
    Simona, 31 years

    After long ’flirting‘ with the idea to undergo refractive surgery in order to eliminate my dioptre, I underwent treatment last February. Before the surgery, I had been using glasses and contact lenses for about 15 years. The surgery was performed using the LASEK procedure. My dioptre was -2.5 before surgery but now my vision is 150%, just as they said it would be during the examination!!  I am very happy with the results as well as with the staff’s attitude towards patients, so I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has problems with their vision. Because quality of life improves dramatically after refractive surgery!! Good luck!

Average visual acuity without eyeglasses before and after surgery

There is no need to fear lasers

Laser surgeries for refractive vision correction have been performed for over 30 years and many studies have proven that this is a safe method which ensures stable visual acuity for the long term. We are familiar with several techniques for laser refractive vision correction that have already been used to treat over 50 million patients all over the world. Statistics indicate that following this type of surgery, over 98 percent of patients can see clearly when looking at distant objects without glasses.

More about surgery success


  • Assessing suitability for surgery
    Duration: 15 minutes

    An informative consultation is a short, free of charge examination that we use to determine whether you are a good candidate for refractive vision correction surgery. While consulting with one of our doctors, you will learn about your own possibilities for laser refractive vision correction and get responses for any doubts or fears that you may have. Fears are most often related to a fear of laser surgery. Our guarantee for the highest degree of safety and quality of our procedures is provided by our experience, professional qualifications and the most modern technological equipment. Our expertise is also confirmed by the international accreditation granted by the American organization, JCI.

    Take our short test to verify whether you are among those who are likely a good candidate for laser refractive vision correction.

  • Detailed examination prior to surgery
    Duration: 1 hour

    If you meet the criteria for laser surgery, we will also perform a detailed examination of your eyes and eye fundus before performing the surgery. This allows us to exclude any onset of potential diseases or alterations of the eye that would make laser surgery unrecommendable. We also perform measurements that are necessary for the surgery. On the basis of the examination results and discussing your expectations about improved eyesight, we will advise you of the procedure that is most suitable for you, explaining the course of the procedure in detail. We will present the advantages of the individualized Wavefront laser correction and the difference between the most frequently used LASIK and LASEK techniques. We are aware of the importance of the decision to undergo such a procedure and the individuality of each person. The individualized treatment of every single patient is very important to us.

  • Surgical treatment
    Duration: 15 minutes

    The entire duration of laser refractive vision correction lasts from 10 to 15 minutes and is completely painless. We can correct refractive vision errors using rapid impulses of a cold laser ray that is only 0.8 mm wide and produced by the Excimer laser. This technology allows us to remodel the cornea in just 10 to 12 seconds. The laser follows eye movement and adjusts if the movements are too large, automatically stopping and resuming the procedure when the eye calms again. This is why it is completely unnecessary to fear that something could go wrong if you move, jerk or sneeze during the procedure. After surgery, you will receive all necessary medications and instructions on how to take them. During the first few days after the procedure, our doctors are available to you over phone 24 hours a day. We believe that quick and easy doctor access is very important because it provides our patients with a feeling of safety and peace of mind.

  • Post-surgery examination
    Duration: 1 hour

    Reading for a long period of time, working on the computer and watching television must be avoided in the first several days following surgery. It is possible that you will be a little more sensitive to strong light after surgery. You may notice glaring and the operated eye could be more teary than usual. The speed of improvement of visual acuity following surgery varies and also depends on the type of surgery performed. With the LASIK method, vision can return after only a few hours. With the LASEK method, restoration of vision lasts a little longer. The first post-surgery examination is normally performed between the first and fourth day following treatment. The post-surgery examination is always scheduled so that we can carefully monitor your recovery, which ensures safety and an optimal final result of refractive vision correction.



How do I know if I am a good candidate for laser refractive vision correction?

If you are 20-40 years old, have healthy eyes and your nearsightedness does not exceed -8 or your farsightedness over +4 in dioptre, notwithstanding the degree of astigmatism, there is a high probability that you are a good candidate for permanent refractive vision correction laser surgery. Your suitability can only be confirmed by the doctor on the basis of an informative examination, which is provided to you free of charge. You can book an appointment here.

Is refractive surgery painful?

No. Both laser surgery and surgery with insertion of the phakic intraocular lens are completely painless procedures that are performed under local anesthesia. You may experience discomfort or eye irritation following surgical procedures that implement methods of corneal surface smoothing. This is prevented with eye drops or pain medication.

Is there any information about the long-term results of laser refractive vision correction?

Laser surgeries for refractive vision correction have been performed throughout the world in various forms for over three decades. This procedure is therefore very well researched and long-term results are documented in detail. Many studies have proven that laser refractive vision correction is a safe method that ensures stable long-term visual acuity.

How long does the new vision acuity last?

All studies done to date indicate that your new vision will probably last for the rest of your life. Clinical studies have shown that surgically altered corneal curvature following surgery with the Excimer laser remains unchanged.


    If you are thinking about getting rid of your eyeglasses forever and seeing again, we invite you to join us at our informative lecture.
    You will learn everything about refractive vision correction surgery and obtain practical information on the course of examinations, surgery and recovery.
    You will also get to know our team and have the possibility of a relaxed consultation with one of our doctors.


Self-pay price starting
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Price includes laser surgery, all required medications and control examinations. Possibility of payment in installments.


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