Refractive vision correction with intraocular lens implantation


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  2. % of patients who do not need glasses after surgery


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Especially for patients with a high degree of nearsightedness

Correcting refractive error with intraocular lens insertion is advised in cases of a high degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness and also in the case of thinner cornea where laser refractive vision correction cannot be performed. Despite the fact that this is a more invasive procedure, intraocular lens insertion offers some very important advantages when compared to laser surgery. During intraocular lens insertion surgery, the cornea remains intact. The surgery is reversible, which means that the lens can also be removed from the eye. The restoration of visual acuity is also very rapid. Most near-sighted patients who were implanted with an intraocular lens at our centre had a dioptre of between -6 and -12.

Frequency of dioptric values

Average visual acuity without eyeglasses before and after surgery


You can forget about your glasses after surgery

Individuals with a high dioptre have especially poor sight. This is why the result of refractive vision correction is much more dramatic and provides the patient with a completely new quality of life. In high dioptric values, visual acuity without glasses is practically indefinable. After lens insertion in an otherwise healthy eye, you can expect 100 % vision and complete independence from glasses.

We exceed our patients' expectations

Having a high dioptre makes it difficult to imagine what it feels like to live with perfect vision. So the fact that over 60 percent of our patients say that the results of the surgery exceeded their expectations doesn't surprise us. Over and over again we are elated by the enthusiasm of patients who see the world in a new light after so many years of wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Average satisfaction

Recommending surgery to others


Our patients share their positive experiences with others

Due to their positive experience and satisfaction with treatment, about 95% of our patients talk about their surgery with friends and acquaintances and recommend it to others. We understand that the advice and personal experiences of those who already underwent surgery are very important for those who are considering it. We therefore encourage these exchanges of opinions with an active presence on social media.

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Includes surgery, the most modern intraocular lens Visian, all needed medications and follow-up visits. Possibility of payment in installments. With no waiting periods.

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